What does the Starter Kit contain?

  • NAIL PREP: nail dehydrator, removes grease by increasing the adhesion of subsequent treatments;
  • ULTRA BOND: nail primer with a double-sided adhesive function;
  • BASE COAT: flexible base coat for brittle and stressed nails to be used under LED/UV lamp;
  • TOP COAT: topper for use in LED/UV lamp to protect color and give shine;
  • GEL POLISH 07 - Ballet: pinkish Nude color with neutral-cool undertone;
  • GEL POLISH 24 - Chili Pepper: burning red color with cool undertone;
  • CLEANSER: nail degreasing solution for semi-permanent nail polish;
  • REMOVER: nail polish remover for removing semi-permanent nail polish;
  • CUTICULAR PUSHING LIME: file for shaping the nail and detaching cuticulae;
  • LIMA BUFFER: file to dull the nail.

Result: shiny nails that last a long time.


Astra opens up to the world of hema-free semi-permanent nail polishes by launching a Astra Professional line featuring all the essential products for a professional diy manicure.

Prepping Products, Starter Kit, Files and Removers, Color Chart: all the necessary products to start realizing a complete manicure.