Social Responsibility



The challenge of change in continuity through extraordinarily innovative products and a Social Responsibility that always believes in quality, performance, safety and the environment.


Inclusivity & Diversity

Commitment to equal opportunity and diversity in all its forms "inclusivity" and "diversity" are some of the terms that Astra intends to embrace with greater determination in the future of beauty. A new way of understanding beauty and self-care that focuses on individuality and personal characteristics, going beyond the categories of "ugly" and "beautiful." After all, Astra has always proposed luxury that is accessible to all, and it still intends to position itself with a multicultural approach, beyond all barriers. To this day, Astra continues to integrate into its business collaborations with small creators who carry forward messages of inclusivity through the telling of their personal stories and under the banner of our #BEYOU motto.


Also playing a central role in our products is packaging. Choosing to market products without secondary packaging is among our main commitments to sustainability. The consideration of environmental impact in our investment decisions, the application of sector-specific policies.

Astra Worldwide

Our brand is constantly expanding and is currently present in over 50 countries across Africa, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.