• 01-ORBIT: is a deep metallic English green.

  • 02-METEOR: is a dark brown with a cool matte undertone.

  • 03-SUPERNOVA: is a meeting of a dark black cherry and an intense matte burgundy.

  • 04-DEEP SPACE: is a faceted sapphire color with a delicate ultramarine reflection.

  • 05-ASTEROID: is a striking metallic silver color, sharp as a blade of light.

  • 06-NEBULA: is a highly refined sugar paper mirrored.

  • 07-MILKY WAY: is an intense matte optical white.

    Cosmographic is formulated to ensure an ultra-pigmented, ultra-smooth stroke in application while providing incredible staying power.

    This is possible thanks to valuable ingredients such as carnauba wax, which gives softness to the lead, and cross-linked resins that ensure the waterproof and long-lasting component.