The packaging is designed to ensure the correct preservation of the texture and to offer maximum practicality without sacrificing glamour: the large mirror and sponge supplied allow the product to be applied and retouched at any time of day and in any situation.

The royal bronze tint evokes the opulence and luxury of a smooth and radiant complexion.


It's a solid balm formulated with 94% naturally derived ingredients that contains a plant-derived gelling system, thanks to which the texture is creamy and super-adhesive, as well as ensuring an even release of pigmentation.

The natural resin inside ensures durability and moisture resistance, while the cellulose powder gives a smooth, soft-focus finish. Finally, apple seed oil is a formidable emollient: it acts as a moisturising agent, preventing excessive moisture loss through the epidermis.


The apotheosis of the complexion sublimated in a casket oozing with glam.

Compact Foundation Balm: naturally smooth and sculpted skin in the light and shade of a unique multifunctional texture infused with the latest generation of ingredients. Nourishing as a balm, smooth as a bronzer, perfecting as a foundation.

One product, three uses, one result: glamourize your beauty!