It contains:

  • COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, SODIUM COCOYL GLYCINATE: gentle surfactants of vegetable origin that remove make-up, dirt and excess sebum, leaving the skin supple and moisturised.

  • ALLANTOIN: allantoin has a soothing, moisturising effect and stimulates cell renewal, improving the skin ability to retain water.

  • MESEMBRYANTHEMUM CRYSTALLINUM EXTRACT: crystal grass extract has humectant properties that keep the skin moisturised and improve its protective barrier function. Rich in antioxidants that help reduce skin irritation by protecting it from free radicals.

  • It is formulated with more than 96% of ingredients of natural origin.


    Astra Skin is the fruit of Astra's love for skincare: a sensorial and fun path that, through specific steps and high performance products, ensures results to be caressed.

    A collection that includes a complete range of products for facial cleansing and treatment.