Pure Beauty


Pure Beauty is the collection that combines high performance with textures formulated with more than 90 percent naturally sourced ingredients, designed to create genuine, vibrant make-up looks that enhance your natural beauty.

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Pure Beauty

Create your own natural make-up look!

Are you looking for natural make-up products that are good for your skin and the environment? Then you can't miss the Pure Beauty line, Astra's first line formulated with more than 90 percent naturally sourced ingredients. A complete selection of natural make-up products designed to make creative and fun make-up, to express yourself at your best without burdening the environment.

At your disposal a wide selection of face make-up products, lip make-up products, eye make-up products. Choose the natural make-up products best suited to your needs now and have fun creating your own natural make-up look every day!

Discover the formulas and solutions of the Pure Beauty line: new and innovative products, high-tech formulas designed to meet a variety of needs. All natural make-up products in the Pure Beauty line are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum safety and respect the natural balance.